How To Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your Room Or House

It is an undeniable truth that weed smells amazing, almost iconic. To some, this smell is reminiscent of good times with friends, whether at a party or after a long day of work. However, if you are a regular cannabis smoker, you can recognize this unmistakable smell from afar.

Although weed is legal in many states, you will find that most cannabis users will try to conceal weed smell. I mean, who wants to smell like a smoke session on the way to work on a Monday morning? It could also be that your roommates, family members or even your landlord do not approve of your marijuana use.

Hiding marijuana smell helps to calm a relatively high mind since you are not attracting unnecessary attention from the people who may find the smell unpleasant. If you love to smoke weed but fear the dreaded pungent weed cloud, which pretty much sums up most cannabis users, this article is for you. Below, you will learn tricks and tips to mask weed smell, from burning scented candles to making a sploof out of toilet roll.

Why Does Weed Smell?

Weed contains a compound known as terpenes responsible for the scent you get from weed and other cannabis strains. Weed smell easily seeps on your hair, clothes, furniture and carpet. This is why you can smell the weed buds “hidden” in your closet. For this reason, you may want to keep your private smoke session to yourself, especially if you have company dropping by.

How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Remember that one time you could smell weed smoke and yet no one was in the vicinity? That alone is the extent to which cannabis smoke travels. Whatever your reasons are for concealing the marijuana aroma, these tips and tricks will help you get your high on and still smell fresh.

1. Take Your Smoke Sesh Outside

Obvious as it may sound, smoking weed outside your house is the best way to prevent the lingering smell of weed indoors. This could be on your balcony, terrace, yard or even a walk in your neighborhood if your state or country has legalized marijuana. That said, there are states whereby smoking weed is still illegal unless for medical reasons. If so, do not worry, we got you covered with other tips below.

Going outside after your smoke session is another great way to prevent your body and clothes from smelling marijuana smoke. This is because UV rays neutralize odors, so basking in the sun’s glory will help get rid of excess weed residue on your body and clothes.

2. Ventilation

If you prefer to smoke indoors, it is essential to ensure that the room is well ventilated. The same rule applies if you are cooking or growing cannabis. This is because stagnant conditions make the smell of weed more noticeable. Instead, you want to ensure that you have a window or door open to allow natural airflow. In addition, you could have two opposing doors or windows open, a fan or some heavy-duty equipment if you are growing weed plants indoors.

3. Proper Marijuana Storage

Covering your marijuana correctly is yet another helpful method when hiding the smell of weed. Storing your dank or buds in an airtight storage container, be it a ziplock bag in a ziplock bag, a mason jar, a vacuum-sealed bag, or a Rubbermaid bag, helps to contain the smell, thus preventing it from contaminating the air.

Smell-proof prescription bottles and odor-absorbing stash containers offer a smell-proof storage solution for containing weed smell while preserving its natural aroma and flavor. In addition, proper storage prevents mold from growing on your buds due to humidity.

If you are growing weed indoors, it would be helpful to keep the plants in one area, say a broom closet or a storage room. You could also cover the plants with plastic when you have guests over and want to contain the smell.

Finally, it is advisable to ensure that you store away your roaches and empty your ashtray after a smoking session. This is because an open ashtray could acquire a stinky smell and fill your environment with marijuana smell. Store your roaches and buds in an airtight container when not in use.

4. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers help to eliminate smoke during a session. They are also helpful in removing the stale smoke that accumulates on your carpet or furniture when smoking indoors. If you do not want to go through all other somewhat tedious tricks, an air purifier may be a great addition to your space.

5. Use A Smoke Filter

With the legalization of marijuana in many regions, new equipment are being designed to help cannabis users get the most out of the experience of using weed. A cannabis smoke filter helps to reduce the smell produced when hitting a blunt, smoking a joint or using a bong.

You exhale the marijuana smoke into the filter when you smoke a joint. In turn, the filter will either carbon filter the smoke or filter it and add flavored essence that masks the smell of weed.

6. Make a Sploof/Doob Tube

A sploof or a doob tube is essentially a homemade smoke filter. DIY-ing one is relatively easy, especially if you can’t get your hands on a manufactured filter. However, it will work the same way as a filter.

How to build a sploof

  • Get a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll, a dryer sheet and a rubber/elastic band
  • Fold the sheet and wrap it on one end of the toilet roll
  • Use a rubber band to secure the sheet

After you smoke a blunt, exhale into the open end of the toilet roll. The dryer sheet will work as a filter to dilute the smell of weed.

7. Smoke in the Shower

Smoking weed while the shower is running is yet another method that prevents the smell from contaminating the rest of the house. You want the shower to create steam, which will help dissipate the weed smell through the bathroom fan. In addition to this “Hawaiian hotbox” method, you could place a towel at the bottom of your bathroom door to mask marijuana odor.

8. Air Freshener

Room deodorizers or air fresheners are an excellent yet simple way to mask the smell of weed. You could use Ozium or Febreeze air fresheners as you would and spray it after your smoke session and best believe that no one will tell you were blazing on the couch while watching NatGeo.

9. Essential Oils, Scented Candles and Incense

Essential oils, candles and incense offer a natural alternative that helps to eliminate weed smells. Oils like eucalyptus, citrus and lavender freshen up the room just enough to hide the smell from your private session. Natural incense smoke from burning palo santo or sandalwood will also get the job done.

Although not as efficient as essential oils, scented candles will also mask the weed smell. However, it would be best to air the room to get the stagnant and stale smoke out of it before burning incense or oils.

10. Clean Yourself Up

Sometimes you may air your room, but there is still a lingering smell, especially if you have not cleaned yourself up. Properly cleaning yourself up helps eliminate smells left on your body and clothes. This could be brushing your teeth directly afterward, taking a shower, washing your hair and changing into fresh clothes.

Alternatively, you could chew gum, use mouthwash and a body spray to mask the smells. In addition, you can have long hair pulled up in a pony when smoking to prevent the smoke from settling on the hair strands.

11. Use Onions, Garlic and Pungent Foods when Cooking with Marijuana

When making tasty munchie food with marijuana, it is likely that the whole house with this scent. While you can use essential oils and other tips to eliminate the smells, pungent foods like garlic and onions will overpower the cannabis smell, covering it during the cooking process.

Popping a bag of popcorn into the microwave and leaving it a bit longer than expected also helps to hide the smell of weed. Burnt popcorn is pungent and does the trick. However, this smell may take days to clear from your house.

12. Switch to A One-Hitter or A Pipe

One-hitters are popular as they only accommodate weed enough for one hit. The construction features a small pipe and a bowl to place the cannabis. You will likely find one-hitters in various designs, but they most resemble the standard cigarette shape.

On the other hand, a pipe is an excellent alternative to a blunt or a bong. This is because pipes release noticeably less smoke. Therefore, if your goal is to conceal that you are a pot smoker, having a pipe with you is recommended.

13. Vaporizer

A vaporizer may be easy to get your hands on if you live in a region where medical or recreational marijuana is legalized. Instead of burning cannabis, a vaporizer heats it at just the right temperature to extract the cannabinoids. In turn, this ensures that there is no smoke as nothing is burning, the odor is less potent than when smoking and you get to avoid health risks associated with traditional smoking.

14. Consume Edibles

Edibles are a great alternative if you want to experience marijuana high without smoking. Consuming edibles eliminates odor since you are not storing or smoking anything.

15. Pack A Lighter Bowl

If you like using a bowl or bong, packing a lighter bowl will significantly minimize the smoke being produced. It is best to pack weed that’s just enough for one hit, as this reduces smoke coming from the bowl since no weed is left behind. In addition, since the smoke passing through the bong has been cooled and filtered by the water, it contains less odor.

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