How to Use a Bong Correctly: A Step-By-Step Ultimate Guide

One of the most classic weed-smoking methods is with water bongs. The water filtration system on the device usually improves the flavor of your cannabis and offers a clean hit. If you have never used a bong before and now you have one, you know how confusing those turns and twists of glasswork or plastic tubing or even metal sculpture can be. However, don’t worry. This guide will help you understand how to use a bong easily.

Besides, when you understand how to use a bong, you will have a clean and clear inhale that will get you high easily and fast. So whether you are smoking cannabis out of a bong for recreational or medicinal purposes, you will want to get it right.

What is a Bong?

A bong also referred to as a water pipe, is a filtration device used for smoking marijuana, tobacco or other herbal substances. It uses water to cool and filter the smoke, generating an especially smooth, clean and healthier smoking experience. Smoke is usually pulled via a chamber filled with water, and as the smoke bubbles up through the water, the liquid cools down the temperature of the smoke and pulls out smooth particulate matter at the same time, including ash and tar. Besides, the gas flows from the lower part on the left to the upper port on the right.

A bong is usually similar to a hookah in construction and function, except smaller and more portable. Besides, a bong might be constructed from any air- and water-tight container by adding a pot and stem apparatus which guides fresh air downward to below the water level, whence it bubbles upward during use. Water filtration separates these bongs from other smoking methods, filtering the smoke and giving the user a smoother hit. Now that we understand what a dong is, let’s learn how to use a bong correctly.

A Simple Anatomy of a Bong Device

If you are using a bong for the first time (to smoke tobacco, weed or other herbal substances), it is good to be familiar with all the parts;

An Anatomy of a Bong
  • Base-It’s the foundation of the bong, which usually supports the chambers and everything above. Depending on the bong’s shape, the base can be wider than the part parts of the device though not always. Besides, some bongs come in a streamlined tube shaper where the chamber and base are the same sizes.
  • Bowl-It’s what holds your ground cannabis. So, depending on your bong, the bong bowl can be designed from the same material as the bong itself (e.g., plastic or glass). Besides, it can also be designed from metals such as copper or steel.
  • Stem- (Also referred to as downstem) is a tube that usually attaches to the bowl. The tube extends into the bong’s chamber with the lowest part submerged in water. Moreover, the stem (with the bowl) fits through a hole positioned in the front of the bong, and you can remove it for cleaning. Also, the stem can be designed from glass, steel or copper.
  • Carb hole- The carb is a hole on the bong’s side positioned above water level. When lighting the bowl, you usually cover the carb hole with a finger and fill the bong chamber with smoke. And when ready to inhale the smoke into your lungs, you remove the finger from the carb and suck in. This action usually allows you to gather more smoke and control its flow into your lungs. However, not all bongs feature a carb hole. Those that lack the carb hole allow you to remove the bowl once you are ready to suck in.
  • Chamber- This is the section where the water is held, cooling the smoke and filtering out fine particles and tar.
  • Mouthpiece-The opening at the top of the tube where you put your lips to inhale the smoke.
  • Uptake: The cylindrical tube usually extends from the chamber to the mouthpiece.

What Do You Need for Smoking Weed from a Bong?

Here is everything you require for smoking cannabis from a bong:

  • The best strain of marijuana
  • A bong device. Ensure the bong has a bowl and downstem
  • Bongwater
  • A grinder
  • A hemp wick or lighter
  • For cleaning the glass bong, you will require plugs that fit the holes in the bong, zipper-top plastic bags, and a cleaning solution (either one that’s specifically created for bongs or a combination of coarse salt and rubbing isopropyl alcohol).

What Are the Main Bong Accessories?

1. Diffuser

This accessory usually allows smaller air pockets to run through the water, lowering drag and improving filtration. They can be built into water pipes through percs or different accessories.

2. Ash/ice catcher

This accessory is an alternative to a bowl piece that acts as a mini-filter. It usually prevents ash, ice and small particles from pulling through the downstem.

3. Honey pot

This accessory is a bowl with a smaller inner bowl that usually acts as a nail. This is a great way to use a bong for enjoying waxes.

4. Percolator

Commonly referred to as ‘precooler’ or ‘perc,’ a percolator is an extra water chamber. These can be built into the bong’s neck or extended between the downstem and bowl. Also, the precooler can be built with diffusers. Besides, an ash catcher acts as an extra filter and cools down the smoke even more. Percolator bong has the precooler.

5. Bong bowl

You can customize your bong with different bowls. They usually come in bowl or cone shapes. Addition to a variety of bowl shapes, colors and sizes. Some have glass fingers at the bottom, while others have a screen to prevent small particles from falling through. Furthermore, most bowls will have a handle, so you don’t have to worry about the chances of burning your fingers when pulling the bowl.

What Are the Steps on How to Use a Bong?

Step 1: Preparing the bong

i). Fill the water pipe with fresh water

You can use tap or bottled water. The precise amount of water you should pour in usually varies depending on the bong size you are using. However, we recommend filling the bong water no more than 1 inch above the tip of the down-stem. Any more water than that can result in splashing while smoking your weed. When filling the water bong, pour the water directly into the mouthpiece (usually the open area at the top of the bong).

ii). Grind up your marijuana

Using your fingers, a grinder or a pair of scissors, ensure the weed is ground up finely. Next, break off the larger pieces, about 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) long and wide, to pack at the bottom of your bong bowl. If you are using a grinder, take the lid off first and then place 2 or 3 buds of weed in between the grinder’s teeth. Next, close the lid and twist it back and forth to grind up the weed inside.

iii). Pack the weed in the bong bowl

The bowl has a funnel shape and sits in the outer part of the down-stem. First, take the large pieces of weed and pack them in the bowl (these pieces will help prevent the finely ground weed from getting sucked through the bowl as you smoke). Next, pinch some ground weed between your fingers and drop it into the bong bowl. Avoid packing the cannabis too tightly, or air won’t flow through it. If the cannabis is unintentionally tightly pressed or compacted in the bowl, use something small like a paper clip to loosen it by stirring it up.

Avoid packing the bowl more than half full if you smoke alone since you can always pack more later. However, if you’re smoking with your buddies, pack the bowl with weed up to the rim. Otherwise, packing any higher can result in some cannabis falling out as you smoke.

Step 2: Lighting the water pipe

i). Be in a comfortable position

If you are a beginner at smoking cannabis using water pipes, take a seat near a table so you can set your bong down in case you start coughing. Also, sit beside an open window if you don’t want your room to fill with the remaining smoke. Moreover, ensure that the area you are sitting in is out of flammable objects.

ii). Hold your bong with the non-dominant hand

Hold your bong around the bong’s chamber ( the long section that usually links the water chamber and the mouthpiece) or hold it from the bottom. Ensure you have a strong grip before you light it.

iii). Take a deep breath

Breathe using your diaphragm to fill your body with oxygen so that inhaling the smoke from the bong can be easier, and you won’t be coughing as much, especially if you’re a beginner.

iv). Place your mouth on the mouthpiece

Before you begin inhaling the smoke, your lips should be inside the mouthpiece. Also, it would be best if you pressed the mouthpiece’s rim against the section around your mouth. Additionally, ensure no gaps, so the smoke doesn’t escape.

v). Light the lighter with the other hand

You can effectively use a regular pocket lighter. Hold the lighter so it is vertical and lights it with your thumb, keeping the other fingers wrapped around the light to avoid getting burned.

vi). Tilt the pocket lighter on its side and get the flame to the bong’s bowl

Carefully position the flame, so you are only burning the edge of the weed in the bowl. This practice will help the weed in the bowl last longer throughout the smoking session. Always hold the flame on the edges of the cannabis.

 Step 3: Inhaling the smoke 

i). Inhale slowly as you light the bowl

The smoke should not be flowing into your mouth or lungs at this particular point. Instead, you are only using your inhale to draw the smoke up to the smoke chamber. So, as you inhale, you should start seeing the chamber getting cloudy as it fills with milky smoke. If you are a beginner at smoking bongs, fill the smoke chamber halfway with the smoke to avoid overwhelming yourself.

ii). Stop lighting the bowl when you feel the amount of smoke is enough

When you feel the smoke is enough, put aside the lighter and stop inhaling. However, don’t remove your mouth from the mouthpiece or else the smoke in the chamber will escape.

iii). Remove the bowl from the stem and inhale the smoke in the smoke chamber

You can now remove the bowl from the stem. And when you are inhaling the smoke, ensure you inhale deeply, so it goes into your lungs. But if you can’t inhale the smoke in the smoke chamber all at once, remove your mouth off the mouthpiece, then cover the mouthpiece with your palm, so the smoke doesn’t escape. Furthermore, when you are ready to inhale the rest of the smoke, take off your hand and quickly place your mouth back on the bong’s mouthpiece.

iv). Hold the smoke inside your lungs for a few seconds

Holding the smoke in your lungs for longer will definitely not get you higher; instead, it could worsen your health. Therefore, hold the smoke in for about 2-3 seconds which is enough to get you high.

v). Exhale the smoke from your lungs

You can now exhale the smoke from your lungs. If you are smoking joints with your buddies, tilt your head back and gently blow the smoke up, avoiding blowing it in their faces.

vi). Put the bowl back in the stem

If you are smoking alone, you can go ahead and relight the bowl when you are ready to take another bong hit. But if you are smoking with buddies, pass the bong and lighter to the next person. Besides, if you are done with the water bong, take off the bowl and pour out the water. Then, thoroughly rinse the bong and put it in a safe place to avoid damage.

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