How To Use Raw Cones For A Positive Smoking Experience

Access to marijuana has brought about its own problems, like how to smoke it. Human beings are innovative. This means that we will always find new ways to smoke, including using raw cones. Raw cones are easier to use. Not to mention they are easier to pack and smoke. However, this method is not widely known. Therefore, we are here to discuss how to use RAW cones to make your smoking experience awesome.

What Are RAW Cones?

A RAW cone is a pre-rolled cone for smoking your cannabis. Pre-rolled cones are the perfect cone if you don’t know how to roll your own blunt. It is also typically faster to use a pre-rolled cone compared to separate rolling papers. The desired amount of cannabis flower should be adequate for you, depending on the cone size you prefer. Additionally, you can also make use of a cone packer or a RAW cone filler to pack a cone.

If it isn’t evident at this point, RAW pre-rolled cones are a brand of rolling joints that make it easier to smoke cannabis. They can also be used to roll up tobacco. Using a packing tool, you can stuff the pre-rolled cone with marijuana and enjoy. Furthermore, not every perfect joint requires rolling skills. A pre-rolled cone is just as good as rolling and packing a cone yourself. Furthermore, RAW cones are purely vegan and sustainably sourced.

The RAW cones themselves burn very slowly and therefore extend the life of your blunt. Additionally, if cone shape is important to you, pre-rolled cones don’t lose shape. On the one hand, however, pre-rolled cones are more expensive than rolling papers. Rolling papers are also a great way to roll your joints. However, they require skill so that you don’t waste paper. Pre-rolled cones are better if you are in a hurry.

Here are the top 5 lists of RAW cones which we have compiled for you.

Best Raw Cones

1) RAW Cones Classic King Size

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Made with natural fibres, these pre-rolled cones provide you with the highest quality, unbleached, and unrefined paper in the market. Depending on the videos you watch on YouTube about pre-rolled cones, you can measure the effectiveness of ads based on your cannabis use. Rolled cones are the ultimate convenience because you only need to fill them up with whatever you like to smoke, twist off the end, and light it up.

They save time if you are in a hurry or you don’t know how to use rolling paper. These cones have no added dyes in them, and the sticky part is made with a water-based adhesive. This combination maintains the smooth and even burn of your blunt. Additionally, there are helpful videos with a step-by-step guide on google searches and videos if you want to learn how to pack pre-rolled blunts. Lastly, ads that are tailored to your interests also make the best sources of information.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Even burn
  • King sized
  • Ready to use
  • Tips included
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use


  • Some cones arrive squashed

2) RAW Cones Classic 75 Pack

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The RAW brand is committed to quality and giving you memorable experiences. This pack comes filled with bamboo cone packer sticks to make packing cannabis or tobacco easier. When you fill the cone, ensure not to put in too much. The pre rolled cones have crisscross watermarks on the rolling paper to ensure a slow and even burn. This gives you perfect control over your high. Additionally, filter tips ensure you only smoke the good stuff.

When you pack a cone, you can be sure that there are no additives such as chlorine bleach, chalk or dye. These cones are vegan-friendly, and the rolling papers are made with acacia gum for a very light and thin paper you can almost see through. The shape of the cones ensures your first puff is as potent as the last puff. Any excess paper left at the end of your blunt will burn off with the last puffs. The hold on the ends of the cones is effective, and you only need to twist them.


  • Easy to use
  • Slow burn
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy to fill
  • Even burn
  • Same day delivery


  • Some cones arrive squished

3) RAW Classic 1-1/4 Pre-Rolled Cones Bundle

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These classic rolls will change the way you smoke. It comes with a RAW loader which is a fast way to fill your cone. After you deliver and measure out your marijuana or tobacco, all you need to do is twist off the end and light it. While the quality of marijuana can be influenced by things like soil PH and strain type, every rolling paper is made to be perfect. Be careful to remember these are CONE shaped, not straight-sided when tamping down.

 When using the included packing tool, fill roughly one-quarter to one-third at a time, tamping it down after each addition. Be careful not to raise the free end of the tamper much higher than the sides of the scoop-funnel tool because that would tear the paper. These cones have no flavour, and they are perfect if you don’t prefer any flavour in your blunt. Additionally, be careful when you pack a cone and ensure it is filled just right.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-flavoured
  • Value for money
  • Great quality
  • Easy to open
  • Burns smooth


  • Missing cones

4) RAW Cones Classic 150 pack Pre Rolled Paper with Tips

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The Raw natural single wide papers are made from a natural unbleached blend of fibres. This rolling paper has a unique and naturally brownish hue and is almost transparent, thanks to the thinness of the paper. In addition, RAW provides you with quality pre-rolled cigarette cones. So all you have to actually do is add your favourite flavour tobacco and enjoy. These pre-rolled cones save you time compared to rolling joints of your own cone, which means that you will be lighting up in no time.

The cone shape lets more tobacco or marijuana burn when first lit and less as you smoke it down. You can easily pack cannabis flower or tobacco in a matter of minutes, even without a rolling tray. If you are a heavy smoker, then using this pack is excellent for you because it is a large pack. Every cone is well made, and it is easy to unpack them.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • Come stacked
  • Tips are included


  • Burns unevenly
  • You have to relight all the time
  • Unpleasant taste

5) RAW Cones with Bamboo Packing Stick and Scoop Card

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This 20 pack of cones is perfect if you don’t partake very often in smoking. They are cones that hold a small amount of marijuana or tobacco for infrequent smokers. They are also a great option for beginner smokers because they are already pre-rolled. Additionally, if you are looking for a great way to pack a small amount of green in a neat and tidy way, we highly recommend this tin packed with the 70/45 size cones.

However, the tips of the cones are bigger than the size of the cone. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you cut the tips to size. This gives you better control when you pack a cone. Last but not least, the tin case is a personal favourite because it prevents the cones from being crushed or damaged in transit. So if you like to relax for a few hours on the weekend, then this pack is the best for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable tin case
  • Best for beginners
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Value for money
  • Neat and tidy packing


  • Large tips

How To Use Raw Cones

Of course, there is a first time for everything. That means there is also a first time of trying to use a RAW cone. You might have amazing rolling skills, or you might not. The important issue to consider is that there is no shortage of blunts when you need one. RAW cones make life easier for sure. However, there is a way to use them. This section explains how to use RAW cones in further detail. Therefore let us get into it.

a) Crush Your Cannabis Flower

It is essential to make sure that all your cannabis is crushed into smaller pieces. This ensures it easily fits into pre-rolled blunts. You can also use a cannabis grinder to make your work easier. As long as your cannabis is well-ground, then your smoking experience should be awesome. Additionally, you should have enough cannabis to fill your joint. If you have too little, your joint becomes too loose. On the other hand, if you over-fill the blunt, then it will not be easy to twist off the top.

b) Fill A Cone

After crushing your marijuana, it is now time to fill the cone. Filling a cone is simple since all you are required to do is drop small pieces of cannabis into it. You can use your fingers to pick and fill the cone. However, there are also cone accessories if you don’t prefer to use your fingers. You can also make use of normal tweezers to scoop and drop into your cone. Additionally, based on general location and personalized content and adverts from an activity like google searches, you can purchase the cone packing accessories very easily.

c) Pack A Cone

Most rolled cones come with a cone packer. A cone packer packs the cannabis down for a well-made blunt. What you want to do is either use a packing tool or even a chopstick to stuff the blunt. If you don’t own a packing tool, ensure to use any slim accessory to pack a cone. Additionally, you should strive to make sure that the blunt doesn’t become too short for optimum results.

d) Twist Off The End Of A Cone

You might need practice with proportions before you get the length of the blunt right. Why are we saying this? After packing your blunt, you need to twist off the end. If your stuffing is too little, your blunt will be very loose. Comparably, if your blunt is too full, then you might have trouble twisting it off, and the paper might tear from being too full. Furthermore, ensure your filter tips are not too big. If they are, you can cut and shape them to size before smoking.

e) Enjoy Your Blunt

After following the above highlighted steps, you can now light your blunt and enjoy it. If you don’t know how to smoke, or this is your first time, all you have to do is hold the smoke without inhaling it just to test the waters. You can then inhale very slowly and release slowly. Getting high might take a few puffs, and you need not be alarmed if you don’t feel high with the first puff. However, if you do get high, ensure you are with people you know, especially if it is your first time. Lastly, ensure you enjoy your blunt.

When Packing A Blunt, Consider The Following:

i) Don’t Overpack

Overpacking a blunt might make the blunt too dense to smoke. Also, it might not be well-aerated. This will make your blunt go off every time you try to smoke it.

ii) Consider size

Cones come in different sizes. Therefore, ensure you select the best size for your uses. Beginners should stick to smaller cones.

iii) Pack Evenly

Packing your joint evenly is very important because you want to smoke an even joint. An even joint is important because it ensures you don’t smoke it unevenly.

The Bottom Line

Smoking marijuana is an awesome way of passing the time and relaxing. Be it for medical purposes or legal in your state, it can be beneficial for your mental health. Every marijuana user deserves the best cones. Whether you roll your own or buy pre-rolled joints, you still smoke green grass. Pre-rolled joints are good for beginners, and they save time.

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